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Centerline Paving accepts no responsibilities for damages or failures resulting from excessive loads that the asphalt structures were not designed for or any damages caused by other contractors.

If directed by the owner to pave in unsuitable or cold weather, Centerline Paving cannot be held responsible for any asphalt that does not meet density specifications. Centerline Paving will require a signed letter worded to our satisfaction absolving us from our contractual warranty and quality requirements prior too commencing paving in such a situation.


  • Price does not include QA/QC Testing. (available if required)
  • Price does not include a Survey/Layout. (available if required)
  • Landscaping is not included in price. (available if required)
  • Price does not include any off-site work of any kind unless otherwise noted.
  • Prices not to be broken out separately. The pricing provided in this quote is a package and cannot be broken out unless permitted by Centerline Paving.
  • Payment based on As-built measurements. Any over and above quantities will be prorated per unit rate.
  • No warranty will be given for damages caused by frost heaving.
  • No warranty will be given for damages or settlements caused by work not completed by or contracted by Centerline Paving.
  • If not specified in quote Hydrovac is not included in prices, if required anywhere else will be charged out at an additional cost of $260/Hr
  • Workaround underground utilities (ie. Atco, Telus, Shaw) at additional cost.
  • One Mobilization and Demobilization included in price.
  • If Centerline Paving is awarded the work, the subcontract agreement must explicitly reference this quotation and the terms and conditions within.
  • Work Area must be clean and free of obstructions and/or other contractors prior to mobilization.
  • All work to be completed in a Frost-Free environment.
  • We are not responsible for any underground utilities not identified by “First Call.”                         
  • Centerline Paving can not be held responsible for delays to the project caused by weather conditions, locator services, or work of other trades on the same project and/or adjacent sites.
  • Rights under the Builder’s Lien Act may be exercised. All holdback money if applicable shall be paid no later than 45 days after completion of our contract or subcontract.
  • Payments are due upon invoice date. Interest on overdue accounts is charged at 2% per month
  • Quote valid for 30 Days from the date above.

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