Concrete flatwork is any poured surface that moves along a horizontal plane. Flatwork that Centerline Paving offers are patios, walkways, sidewalks, foundations, driveways and any other flat surface. Concrete is the choice material for flatwork due to how it can form a perfectly flat and even surface.

Regardless of the concrete mix design, or desired layout of the project, Centerline Paving has the resources and knowledge to execute any sized project. Furthermore, with a base/site grading crew, as well as a full excavation crew, Centerline Paving can handle all projects in house. This gives us an advantage as we can manage budgets and timelines of each project more accurately, as there is no scheduling conflicts or time delays with coordinating other contractors.


Centerline Paving offers a wide variety of concrete services and can meet any design specification or desired finish. Whether it’s a driveway, sidewalk, curb, floor or parking lot Centerline Paving has the resources to complete any project. A few different curb types we offer are as follows:

Concrete curbs are generally classified as barrier curbs or mountable curbs. Either type can be constructed in many different shapes, depending on regional preferences, purposes and construction costs. Barrier curbs, also known as straight curbs, resemble the stone slabs used originally for curbs and form abrupt obstacles to vehicles leaving pavements.

Mountable curbs, sometimes referred to as roll curbs, have sloping faces that allow vehicles to encroach on them without damaging tires and wheels; and if the slopes are gentle enough, cars can cross them to access driveways. Curbs that cannot be crossed without damage or discomfort must have sections where the heights of the curbs are reduced for vehicular entrances. The low portions are usually referred to as depressed curbs.

Either type of curb can have an apron or gutter section attached and become a combined curb and gutter. Combined curb and gutter sections are commonly used along streets and parking lots in urban areas, especially with asphalt pavements, to provide the advantages of stable concrete gutters with sustainable flow lines along the curbs.

Curbs built monolithically with concrete pavements project above the pavement at the edges. These are referred to as monolithic curbs or integral curbs, as opposed to separate curbs. As the edges of concrete pavements with the added thickness of curbs are stronger and stiffer, deflections caused by heavy wheels close to the outside edges are reduced. Where curbs are cast on hardened concrete slabs, resulting in cold joints between the curbs and slabs, there are opportunities for planes of weakness and water penetration, which can result in shortened service life.

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